Friday, 24 August 2012

Stalking is Murder in Slow Motion.....

The Purpose of The SayNo2Stalking Blog
Between 2008 and 2012 my family and I have been stalked, harassed and cyberstalked by a revenge stalker.

Despite being an entrepreneur with a great staff team and first-rate professional advisors, nobody whom I turned to had ever had to deal with the relentless, obsessive attentions of a self-professed stalker.

I looked everywhere for assistance as the impact of this deranged individual's campaign increased and as his attentions became increasingly obsessive.

To my horror - literally - I discovered that there were very few qualified, capable and experienced sources of assistance for stalking victims - both available privately and via the UK Criminal Justice System.

Surprisingly, the UK Police (in the particular area that I resided) were hopelessly inadequate in their response; the existing anti-stalking charities manned with staff and volunteers with masses of experience and a huge desire to help, however had limited financial capacity and thus limited ability to help in hands-on ways; and the private sector assistance available (legal, security, criminology and intelligence services) were hard to locate, extremely expensive and thus fragmented - in other words, the few professionals who were operating in the anti-stalking space were expert at small sections of the problem.

It appeared that no person, agency or government body was tackling the huge and fast-growing problems of stalking, cyberstalking and harassment in a holistic fashion.

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